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Applied Anodize, Inc.
NO. 10010363
ISO 9001:2008 Certified

The International Hard Anodizing Association

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Why do business with Applied Anodize, Inc.?

  • Our real value comes from our expertise. We have been anodizing precision machined aluminum since 1978.  We are fully staffed with only one FOCUS – to provide you with the most consistent, predictable anodizing experience
  • Our many quality processes earn your confidence and insure your peace of mind.
  • Our precision masking team with its dedicated building uses state of the art equipment is the best in the industry.
  • The changing needs of our customers result in new and innovative solutions to the growing complexity of today’s multi-finished parts.
    • Instead of becoming a “Jack of All Trades” we have chosen to remain specialists and associate ourselves with other specialists. Contact us for a more information.
  • In addition to sound technical solutions, it’s our priority to provide top quality customer service and prompt delivery including daily email status reports of you parts (for large customers).
  • Every employee, from anodizers to shipping and receiving associates, are committed to your meeting your manufacturing and scheduling needs.
  • Our facility is meticulously clean and safe, meeting and exceeding all government regulations, and operating in full compliance with local, state, and federal environmental protection guidelines.
  • Our processes are designed to be environmentally friendly from the concept phase on.
  • We also support our neighbors and regulator’s efforts to improve the quality of our local ecosystems.  In support of this, we sponsor three avenues:
    • An automated water treatment system that is checked and its accuracy verified daily.
    • An on site laboratory that monitors our effluent to insure we are well within regulatory guidelines.
    • Code of Ethics that every employee is required to follow.

Put us to the test. We think you’ll find that we provide the best quality and value – anywhere.