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Applied Anodize, Inc.
NO. 10010363
ISO 9001:2008 Certified

The International Hard Anodizing Association

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State-of-the-art computer controls and good judgment rooted in years of experience.

Our experienced anodizers manually evaluate your parts at each of the pre-anodize process tanks to insure your parts are properly prepared and ready for the next step. Once all the pre-steps are satisfactorily accomplished, the parts move into our computer controlled anodizing tanks.

Our anodizing tanks are controlled by the Metalast JobPro system:

  • JobPro controls all of the electrolytic wet processes in the primary process tank.
  • JobPro is ISO, QS and NADCAP compliant.
  • JobPro key benefits are:
    • Increased throughput and productivity.
    • Improved product consistency.
    • Fewer rejects and reworks.
    • Printed process verification.
  • In the years we have used the Metalast JobPro system we have never seen a variation from the established process. And we check every run!