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When aluminum is anodized, there are no added metallic elements.  The anodic coating is literally grown from the base material.  As the anodic coating is formed, it penetrates and grows on the base metal by converting aluminum to aluminum oxide. The ratio of growth/penetration for anodic coatings is typically 50/50.

Proper formation of the aluminum oxide coating provides aluminum with a natural decorative appearance and increased resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Type II coatings normally range between .0001″ to .001″ (yes, that’s one ten thousands of an inch to one thousandths of an inch thick), sulfuric anodizing lends itself readily to clear and absorbs colors readily as the base coating is transparent. Dyes can be deposited into the pores of the anodized layer and then the sealing process locks them in. The result is a highly desirable, rich, intense, permanent color finish.

Aluminum can be anodized and dyed to match just about any given decor or to simulate a particular metal.

Anodizing is an environmentally-friendly metal finish. Under EPA rules, anodizing is an environmentally-friendly process that generates no hazardous waste and is non-toxic to our environment.

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